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I REALLY need some help with this tablet...

  • ok. I know nothing about tablets. my friend gave me her old one.  I dont even know the band.  it just says WP8060 Pen tablet. It has a USB thing that you plug into your computer.  but all it does it clicks.  It doesnt move or anything.  whats the matter with it? r am i doing something wrong?

    • Scott Lahteine
      Scott Lahteine

      TabletMagic is not made for your tablet, sorry! But I used Google and found some info about your tablet.

      If you already have the driver installed, this tip may help:

      The latest driver for Leopard (if you need it) is here:

      For earlier versions of Mac OS X:

    • um. im gonna sund like a noob but what kind of software is it?  just for the tablet right?

    • or i should say, once i download it onto my hardrive, my tablet will work right?

      • Scott Lahteine
        Scott Lahteine

        You'll need to download it, install it, and maybe restart... but the installer will tell you. The download is a ZIP file, which Safari unzips automatically. So look in your "Downloads" folder and see what's new there. For example, the Leopard version of the driver ends up as a folder named "OSX_Leopard." Inside is an application file named "OS X - PenTablet Driver" which is the driver installer. You double-click the installer to start it up, and once the installation is complete you may be asked to restart the computer.

        Once the process is complete, the driver should be installed and running. You can then throw away (or better yet, archive) that OSX_Leopard folder.

        Sometimes the download packages of things you get from VersionTracker and elsewhere contain helpful instructions on how to install - of course this one didn't, which is typical of some hardware drivers. They expect only experts will use them, or something.

        Sometimes installers come in the form of a DMG (Disk iMaGe) file, which "pretends" to be a disk drive. Usually the install method for  a disk image is just to drag an application to wherever you want it to live on your hard drive. (I like to keep third-party applications in the folder /Applications/MORE/[category] so they don't mix in with Apple apps.) After install you just "eject" the disk image and throw out the DMG file.

        Of course, drivers aren't usually applications, and they need to ask for permission, so they come as installers. The driver for your tablet is in the form of a VISE installer, but most installers are in the form of PKG files. Both kinds require a double-click to start, and to complete the full installation.

        Some general info on installing Mac OS X software can be found at: