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TablePad 2.1 available

Release 2.1 has a better import support in form of a wizard to get data from any SQL database.
Export into Excel is a new feature.
Further you can open a file by drag & drop.
Small bugfixes done.

Posted by vboos 2008-09-09

TablePad 2.0 now supports UNICODE !

TablePad 2.0 now supports UNICODE !
- Reads and writes files in ASCII, UCS-2-LE, UCS-2-BE, UTF-8
- Full Codepage support for ASCII files
- Selectable font and color for table text view

Posted by vboos 2008-08-20

Version 1.2 available

In this release I removed some bugs and added printing support.

Posted by vboos 2008-03-27

Version 1.1 available

Get the new release from download area.

Posted by vboos 2007-12-30

Version 1.0 available

This is the first version that should be working.

Posted by vboos 2007-12-10

Version 1.0 beta available

Download and test this new table editor.

Posted by vboos 2007-12-06