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A long absence

TableDance is not the most frequently updated project but I can say for sure that I will do no work on it for three months at the least. I hope it is enough use in its current form and will try to revisit it in July 2006.

Posted by Derek Wee 2006-02-24

Demo site.

A live TableDance demo is up at

Posted by Derek Wee 2005-09-28

TableDance: Pride release

This releases allows TableDance to work pretty much out of the box with the recommended php configuration for production web servers, as opposed to the standard php configuration for development servers. TableDance will now work by default in a production environment.

Posted by Derek Wee 2005-09-21

Screenshots, support details added

I [Derek] am pleasantly surprised by the number of hits and downloads. If you are one of these people, I hope TableDance is all you hoped for, and I would like to hear from you. I have added screenshots so others know what to expect, and support/contact details in the hope that I get some feedback.

Posted by Derek Wee 2005-08-03

TableDance: First release

TableDance has been released for the first time. No database table will be safe from your web browser again. Uses PHP's DBX module to provide GUI and raw SQL access to various databases.

Posted by Derek Wee 2005-04-26