#58 User Preference: Default Group

Andrew Brown

I like the Default Group global setting, but really each user should be able to select their own default.

This requires a database change adding to TABLE_USERS. Surprisingly, this works and the option crudely appears in the Personal Settings page.

I have implemented this via a plugin (flies attached). The user can set a default group in Personal Settings.
I have not worked out how to change loib\frontEnd\PageOptions.class.php to make it pretty. (not sure it can be done via a plugin). It really should present with a better label (like in the Admin panel. Also should be a populated drop down list.

Hoping this can be rolled into SVN as part of trunk because it is not perfectly suited for plugin.


  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    UserDefaultGroup Plugin

  • katzlbt

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    TABR stores the last selected group in the session of a user and displays it again when the user looks at the list.

    Your permanent login fix should make the user selectable default group unnecessary, since it would stay for each users until a server reboot or a session GC.

    Is that correct? Please comment.

  • katzlbt

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  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

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    > Your permanent login fix should make the user selectable default group
    > unnecessary, since it would stay for each users until a server reboot...

    User selectable default group was coded before I worked out the permanent
    login. Als,o permanent login was only thought of because user selectable
    default group only works after loin. Your comment matches my observations
    over the last 2 days (patches have been live here for 5 days now). It was
    my intention that on loading TABR, the user would be logged in and
    their default group would be displayed.

    I see now that there is a flaw in my logic, being that - if it worked as
    intended, the default group would stick on ever page display and you could
    never go to another group. May be, there is still a way to do what I
    intended, but I will have to think it through some more.

    Really, to me (as it is coded now) the permanent login fix does 90% of
    what I was looking for. So I will be removing the user selectable
    default group code from my server.

    Thanks for the inciteful comment.

    PS. I have just discovered a problem with SVN 590 (v3.3) relating to
    the new way contacts (phone etc) are edited. I some cases, when
    Informatiom (url or other ) are linked to an address inline error
    messages are generated when displaying the card and to it possible
    that some Information data is lost when saving after edit or creation.
    In another case then duplicating a card, existing address linked
    Communications (phone, email) can be lost on saving the new card.
    When I get a free hour I will put together a test case to see if it
    is repeatable and log a bug report. My feeling is that the two
    problems are related.

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    Thank you *very* much for your time.
    Please post any inline errors that you see to the developer group or make a bug report.

  • katzlbt

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