#43 Plain phone number processing

Under Discussion

Unify the format of phonennumbers and remove all spaces in the stored version. Use addressFormatter to output.

- Aids searching with autocomplete
- Can sip: handle spaces?

The problem is that there is no good algorithm to chunk phonenumbers. Austria has 3 and 4 digit area codes! USA has only 3 digits (always?).

Stored: +43664123456
Output: +43 66 412 3456 (incorrect)
Output: +43 664 123456

Stored: +4352731234
Output: +43 5 273 1234 (incorrect)
Output: +43 5273 1234

Stored: +36109867514441
Output: +361 0986 751 4441

- Array of country prefixes.
- ?


  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

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    I am keen to see this feature available. Is there any progress on this?

    For reference:
    Australia (Country Code 61) has 10-digit phone numbers for all phones.
    Australia operates a geographic numbering system for land lines.
    The first 2 digits are an area code (loosely state based)
    followed by an 8-digit local number. The first 2 or more digits of the
    local number indicate the locality (exchange based)

    All area codes have zero as the first digit.
    02 New South Wales
    03 Victoria & Tasmania
    07 Queensland
    08 Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory

    Land line numbers are commonly written as:
    02 9888 1234, or
    (02) 9888 1234

    Mobile phones have numbers starting with "04". Historically,
    the 10-digit mobile number consisted of a 4-digit carrier code
    followed by a 6-digit number. the 4-digit code identified the
    network the phone was connected to, as well as the technology
    AMPS, GSM, CDMA etc. Now with number portability legislation
    the carrier code distinction is no longer valid.

    Mobile numbers are commonly written as:
    0412 123 123, or
    (0412) 123 123

    International call to land line and mobile phone numbers use
    country code 61 followed by the last 9 digit of the phone number
    (ie: drop the leading zero)

    Special numbers also exits. The most common are:

    Local Rate: 6-digit (13 XX XX), 8-digit (13 XXX XXX) or
    10-digit (130X XXX XXX)

    Freecall: 10-digit (180X XXX XXX)