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TA-LIB 0.0.3 Release

TA-LIB is a C/C++ library for technical analysis of financial data.
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V0.0.3 (December 22, 2001)
This release now supports both Linux and Win32 platform. - Source Code (All platform)
ta-lib-0.0.3-src.tar.gz - Source Code (All platform) - Source Code (+Borland Binaries) - Source Code (+MSVC Binaries)

ta_yahoo.exe and WebFetch.exe are utilities for fetching online data.

V0.0.3 (December 22, 2001)
- Port to Linux/g++ completed.

- Add TA functions:
BBANDS : Bollinger Bands
WMA : Weighted Moving Average
MOM : Momentum
ROC : Rate of Change
ROCR : Rate of Change Ratio
STDDEV : Standard Deviation
VAR : Statistical Variance
STOCH : Stochastic

- Add TA_SetUnstablePeriod. Allows to
strip off initial invalid data from
some TA functions having memories
(like EMA and RSI)

- Code and MSVC project clean-up. Now
should compile without warnings for
all library variant.

Posted by Mario Fortier 2001-12-23