t38modem v1.1.0 released

What is t38modem?

* From your fax or voice application view point it's a fax/voice modem pool.
* From IP network view point it's a H.323/SIP endpoint with T.38 fax support.
* From your view point it's a gateway between an application and IP network.

In this release the following changes were done:

* Fixed 100% CPU usage at the begining of T.38 session.
* Fixed transmission fail with ECM.
* Added H323Plus support.
* Added OPAL v3.6 Lalande support.
* (OPAL) Added STUN support.
* (OPAL) Added ability to set outbound proxy for SIP.
* (OPAL) Added ability to set registrar for SIP.
* (OPAL) options --h323-redundancy, --h323-repeat, --sip-redundancy
and --sip-repeat are disabled (because no support in OPAL).

The t38modem can be downloaded from

The homepage for t38modem project is http://t38modem.sourceforge.net/.

Posted by Vyacheslav Frolov 2009-04-16