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#3 parameter validate & using new ones w/o restart


If one t38modem instance is used for many fax numbers (in case if all numbers are from same sipgw/port, not each one on different port), adding new modem/new fax number requires stopping and running again new instance of t38modem with different parameters. Not exactly best thing to do in production environment, even if changes can be accumulated and performed at less often intervals as temporary workaround. With many many numbers it takes time to restart it and reinitialize all the modems, during which some send/recieve may be interrupted.

Would be nice to see ability to check/validate parameters (in case if there is syntax error) and add new modems/allocate new pty-s or apply other configuration directives without restarting t38modem instance. For validation probably one can also script up some shellscript, if putting that into t38modem executable is not too feasible.

Something like for other unix daemons (eg. testparm for samba and kill -HUP PID to reread configuration).

Also maybe it's worth to implement not just CLI parameters, but also configuration file that t38modem can use? (+what's told above about configuration validation testrun and rereading config to add new modems without restart/reinitialising of old ones).


  • church

    Oh. In addition to adding new modems/tty-s one i see also gains in ability to dynamically change debug level without restarting. Maybe also some sip parameter dynamic change. But dynamic adding of new modems seems the very minimum i'd love to see.

  • AFAIU you use a dedicated modem line per fax number. It's not a good idea and it's not applicable if the hundreds of incoming fax numbers are required.

    The possible solution is to put info about called number to fax application that will route incoming faxes. AFAIK there are multiple ways to do so with HylaFAX.

    There are some AT commands that were implemented for this reason (see ReadMe.txt):

    AT#CID=10 - see HylaFAX/config.ttyx for example
    ATI9 - see ReadMe.txt "3.2. Testing" for example
    AT#HCLR=1 - allows clear call w/o answer

    • status: open --> pending