No Hylafax DID, called/Caller number!SOS!

  • Dario

    I'm triing to capture the callerID and the called ID passed in the SIP header. Currently I don't see any information in the logs.
    This is the what i see in /var/log/syslog when i receive a fax:
    Dec 29 10:45:16 arkiviafoip FaxQueuer: FIFO RECV "@ttyT38-0-0:Deb,8,21e029,recvq/fax000000003.tif,000000005,"I.M. Sr","<UNSPECIFIED>","","","""
    What's the UNSPECIFIED field?

    This is the t38modem parameters:
    COMMAND="/opt/t38modem/bin/t38modem -t -o /var/log/t38modem -no-h323 -u T38modem-${COUNTER} -sip-listen udp\$${BIND_IP}:${CURRENT_PORT}  -sip-redundancy 3 -sip-old-asn -ptty $STR_TTY -route modem:.*=sip:<dn>@${SIP_PROXY_IP} -route sip:.*=modem:<dn>"
    This is the T38modem tty configuration:

    DialStringRules:    etc/dialrules.europe
    ServerTracing:        1
    SessionTracing:        11
    RecvFileMode:        0666
    LogFileMode:        0664
    DeviceMode:        0777
    RingsBeforeAnswer:    1
    SpeakerVolume:        off
    GettyArgs:        "-h %l dx_%s"
    LocalIdentifier:    "archiviafoip"
    TagLineFont:        etc/lutRS18.pcf
    TagLineFormat:        "From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
    ModemReadyState:        R

    ModemType:        Class1        # use class 1 interface
    ModemFlowControl:    rtscts        # default

    ModemRevQueryCmd:    AT+FREV?

    ModemResetCmds:    "AT#CID=10"    # enable ANI/DNIS reporting

    CallIDPattern:        "NMBR = "    # pattern string for calling number
    CallIDPattern:        "NDID = "    # pattern string for called number

    ModemDialCmd:        ATDV%s        # user can override V by dial F

    T38Modem Version 1.0.0
    by OpenH323 Project on Unix Linux (2.6.32-24-generic-pae-i686)

    2011/12/29 10:50:46.314     T38Modem Version 1.0.0 by OpenH323 Project on Unix Linux (2.6.32-24-generic-pae-i686) at 2011/12/29 10:50:46.313

    Dial command in extensions.conf:
    exten => s,n(dial),Dial(SIP/${ARG1}@T38modem-${ctr_t38modems},${DIAL_TIMEOUT},${DIAL_OPTIONS})
    where arg1 is the extension dialed (the number of the fax line)