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Events for ActiveX

New support events for ActiveX and update from FreeWin.

Posted by Rafa Carmona 2007-03-15

Support ActiveX T-Gtk.

Simple support for ActiveX using ATL ( Only for Windows systems ).

Thank a Oscar Lira for liberate this library for the comunity xHarbour

Please view /src/atl and example /tests/native/activex
NOT IS WIDGET! Is very limitation , only put in widget window, the moment ;-)

Posted by Rafa Carmona 2006-11-14

New widget Terminal

New widget for embebed terminal, libvte, in you aplication T-Gtk, for only GNU/Linux

Posted by Rafa Carmona 2006-09-21

Liberación del código fuente

Se a terminado de liberar todo el código fuente como LGPL.

Posted by Rafa Carmona 2006-09-08