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JVector 0.20.0 Released

Please see home page for more details

Posted by David Terei 2005-10-28

JVector 0.19pre1 Released

SVG Plugin now included, an about box has been added, and a preferrences page, although its largley empty of actual preferences. A Saving while zoomed bug has also been fixed. Only a very few things to go till JVector 0.2, see the TODO list for more information.

Also, at long last CVS has been brought up to date

Posted by David Terei 2004-06-16

JVector 0.18 Released!

This version adds plugins!

Plugins can currently be made and used to provide additional output file formats, a JPG, and PNG pugin have been written by myself, as well as a SVG one, but the SVG has some distribution problems at the moment as it requires the Apache Bantik toolkit. So only the JPG, and PNG are being currently distributed.

Not long now till JVector 0.2! Just some options, and bug fixes to go.

Posted by David Terei 2004-06-07

JVector 0.15

JVector 0.15 has been released!

Its now been packaged in a IzPack installer, so is easier to install then ever. Zoom support has been addded, a selection tool, a text tool, a deletion tool, and numerous bug fixes.

Posted by David Terei 2004-06-01

JVector 0.1 Released!


Yes JVector 0.1 has been released, the first release at that. It's better then expected, with basic shapes working, as well as the beautiful colour swatches. A unexpected added bonus is that transparency is also working! Saving support has been added, although only to JVector's native format.

Expect releases to be more frequent now, but I wanted the first release to be fully functional, hence the longish time.

Posted by David Terei 2004-05-18

CVS Module Imported

Well After some study, made harder through using windows. I would use my linux box, but its got a few problems at the moment, i have finally got CVS working. Version 0.06 now sits in there. It lacks any functionality at the moment, but the GUI is all up, so the design can be seen, and the framework for the drawing area isnearly all done. Some framework must be now layed for shapes.

Posted by David Terei 2004-04-24

Development to begin!

Well, i have my some important decision, and the planning stage is nearly over, some formal documentation, like a To Do list will be out soon.

The project will be a vector based, and will use the Swing UI toolkit. I have decided against the SWT Toolkit, due to my lack of knowledge of it, and also, i do not believe it has full support for Java2D.

However, the project will be developed so that it can use the SwingWT libary, but it will not be dependent on it.

Posted by David Terei 2004-04-19

Welcome to Le Paint


Well this project has a fair way to go, while it is on a tight time line, the first update is very hard to predict due to the lack of motavation at the moment, compunded by some indecision over important choices. Such as, raster or vector, swing or swt. Another alternative project is also weighing down on this project. However, hopefully all of this will be ersolved in the next few days, so some work can begin.

Posted by David Terei 2004-04-15