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SystemImager 3.8.1 (stable) released

SystemImager is software which automates Linux installs, software distribution, and production deployment.

SystemImager makes it easy to do automated installs (clones), software distribution, content or data distribution, configuration changes, and operating system updates to your network of Linux machines. You can even update from one Linux release version to another!

SystemImager 3.8.1 is a maintenance release. It includes some important bug fixes and small improvements respect to 3.8.0. The most important fixes are the correct detection of swap labels in RHEL distributions, the detection of the required kernel modules in SLES9 for UYOK (http://wiki.systemimager.org/index.php/UYOK) and the auto-exclusion of "dangerous" patterns (like LVM caches, SELinux path, NFS stuff, etc) when an image is retrieved by si_getimage.

A small but important improvement is the support of the cpio ramdisks for UYOK. Some recent kernels can't use a normal filesystem, like ext2, cramfs, reiserfs, etc. to create an initrd.img compatible with UYOK. The support of cpio initramfs allows to create a cpio-based initrd.img for those kernels that don't have any built-in filesystem (for more information about initramfs see http://lwn.net/Articles/14776/).

SystemImager 3.8.1 is compatible with old 3.8.0 images, scripts, etc.

You can download source and binary packages here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=259&package_id=278&release_id=498036

The detailed changelog is available here: http://svn.systemimager.org/filedetails.php?repname=systemimager&path=%2Ftags%2F3.8.1%2FCHANGE.LOG&rev=0&sc=0

You can find information about our email lists, IRC, bug reports, etc at: http://wiki.systemimager.org.

-the SystemImager team

Posted by Andrea Righi 2007-04-01