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Please browse SystemC bugs bugs prior for any that might resemble ones you have been experiencing prior to filing a new bug.

o Category - select the supported hardware / OS / compiler combination that you were using when this bug occured. Also include that actual OS and compiler versions, as well as all compiler/linker flags used in the bug description

o Group - select the SystemC version with which you encountered this bug.

o Summary - A ten word or less description of the problem

o Detailed Description - A complete description of the problem you encountered including;

- Detailed description of the problem

- Steps to reproduce the problem

- Any compile/runtime warnings and errors

- Code sample, not more than 100 lines to demonstrate the problem. Use the "Upload & Attach File" with tar/gz to package multi-file test cases

o Notes: All bugs will only be tested against the latest publicly available version of the product. All C++ compilers that SystemC supports have bugs of different degrees of severity. We cannot fix those bugs. Please report them to the compiler vendor.

SystemC v1.0

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
2 sc_trace type conversion issue in NT/VC6.0 SystemC_v1.0 open Abhijit Ghosh 2000-07-24 2000-07-24 5  
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