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SPMS - syspatch / News: Recent posts

0.6 is out

Using SPMS::* Perl modules to clean up the source and make syspatch more easy to maintain and develop by more than one person.
POD documentation for modules. Better control over the untar processing of a new SPMS package. Better initialization of /var/db/spms/index.db (thank's to 'use warnings'...).

Posted by sholari 2006-02-10

0.5 is out and ready for 3.8 release :)

The 0.5 release is out, and ready for release 3.8:
. using gzsig to verify SPMS packages signatures (X509.v3 or SSH identity keys) - will be usefull for 3.8 release
. shipped with a demo/sample key (the one which signs metawire.org sample/demo packages)
. some more code clean up

Have a nice day

Posted by sholari 2005-09-27

0.4 is out

Some more code cleanup and these new features:
. non-root users may list applied patches
. arch will be determined at runtime (no more at configure time) will allow to use the same code on many arch

Home page have changed from sholari.free.fr to http://metawire.org/~olem/syspatch Thank's to the metawire.org guys for free OpenBSD hosting there!
Time to code (get/check) part of the code.

Posted by sholari 2005-09-20

0.3 release is out

Pleased to announce release 0.3 which add:
. syslog support (actions & results will be loged)
. support of '--help' options
. some code-cleaning and some bugfixes

Home page have chanded to metawire.org/~olem/syspatch. Thank's to metawire.org hosting team!

Posted by sholari 2005-09-16

Initial public release

First public release of SPMS/syspatch.

Feel free to use the tracker for bug-reports/comments/suggestions/*.

Best regards,
Olivier Lemaire

Posted by sholari 2005-09-13