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Synopsis 0.3 released

this release adds a python parser, a couple of new formatters, the ability to cross reference over language boundaries (via table of content files and a new linker mechanism to resolve external symbols), and it comes with an autoconf based build system.

Posted by Stefan Seefeld 2001-01-24

Synopsis 0.2 Released

Synopsis is a source code documentation tool that follows a modular
architecture to adapt to different languages, comment styles and output
formats. Currently it supports IDL and C++ languages and HTML output. It
has the ability to scale to large projects, integrating well with
Makefiles to only update documentation for changed files. One of the goals
of Synopsis is to integrate the documentation between different languages,
for example linking implementations in any language with their CORBA
interfaces and vice versa.... read more

Posted by Stefan Seefeld 2001-01-07

Synopsis Project Pounded - Code Documentation Tool

synopsis is a general source code documentation tool. By means of a modular structure it will adapt to different styles of
embedded documentation, different programming languages and various output formats. It will scale well with the size of the
While the instant focus is on IDL documentation, the long term goal is to support a wide variety of languages.
The main program is written in Python, parsers and formatters can be written in C/C++ as well. For more information see the
project's home page at

Posted by Stefan Seefeld 2000-03-06