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Help with Synergy and Visual Studio 2005

  • I am running the latest version of synergy on an XP SP3 machine as the server and on a Vista laptop machine as the client.  Everything works great until I launch Visual Studio.  As soon as I launch VS the keyboard/mouse stops working.  If I minimize the VS window (by using the laptop touchpad) the keyboard/mouse works again.  Does anyone else happen to have this configuration or have any suggestions for me?  Thanks.

    • Don Kitchen
      Don Kitchen

      I have this happen with VS.NET 2008 and Vista.  If you've solved this I'd love to know what you did too.

      • I found that the issue is due to Vista's "Run As Admin" security feature.  You'll need to run both VS2008 and Synergy as an administrator.  I found that you will loose the keyboard/mouse control when being prompted with the security window.  But after you accept everything should work again.

        • Squelch

          The Admin confirmation dialogue - otherwise know as UAC (user access control) - can be disabled if desired. By design it suspends network activity when the password prompt is displayed. On a dev machine, as you have found out, it can get very annoying.

          If you know what you are doing, and don't mind looking after your own security, the prompt can be disabled. This can potentially leave your system vulnerable, albeit only after your network security has been compromised.

          There are a number of ways to turn it off. A websearch for "turn off UAC" should provide the methods. After doing it, a "nag bubble" appears once from the Security Centre systray icon after login to remind you about it, but you will no longer be stymied by the password dialogue preventing Synergy use.

          • Kalmi10۪۪

            When you get a UAC prompt, it takes a screenshot of your Default desktop and then displays it dimmed out behind the UAC window in the foreground.  The UAC window is part of the Secure Desktop (new for Vista and similar to the logon desktop) and will not allow you to interact with the Default desktop until you provide input.

            Synergy cannot interact with the secure desktop unless it is running as administrator.

            Source: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/fixing-problems-with-synergy-on-windows-vista/
            Source: http://blogs.technet.com/askperf/archive/2007/07/24/sessions-desktops-and-windows-stations.aspx

            • Squelch

              Hi Kalmi10,

              Thank you for the correction.

              I had made assumptions on this behaviour as another application seemed to lose it's connectivity at the same time. It's probably coincidental, and proves the saying;

              "Don't AssUMe. It makes an Ass out of U and Me"

              Anyway, the net result is UAC interferes with Synergy operation unless it is run as an administrator, or System service, or UAC is disabled.

              Thank you for the links, they are worth reading for anyone having this problem.


              • Kalmi10۪۪


                I don't think it's possible to run Synergy as a service under Vista.
                If it is somehow possible please let us know.
                I would be interested in that.

                "You cannot use Synergy in "Start as Service" mode in Windows Vista because the new security model prevents system services from interacting with the desktop. You will have to launch the application as a regular startup item."

                • Squelch

                  It is possible but requires a registry hack. Using the Synergy GUI fails due to your noted security block.

                  Here is what I have been using.

                  Create a new String Value under:


                  eg Synergy Server

                  Give it a value of the image to run together with the options.

                  eg. "C:\Program Files\Synergy\synergys.exe"  --daemon --debug WARNING --name YourPCNameHere --address :24800 --restart

                  Synergy will now start as a service under Vista.

                  Warning: Editing your registry may harm your system. Back up before hand. etc ...

                  • JEK

                    I tried this recipe unsuccessfully to see if it would enable login from the session start screen.

                    I tried starting the client this way on a Vista 64 bit machine by creating a key under:

                    with the contents:
                        "c:\Program Files (x86)\Synergy\synergyc.exe" --daemon --restart --debug WARNING --name keyclient --restart keyserver

                    The net effect was to start the client after login in much the same way as using the synergy launcher to install the client.  It did not accept key events prior to login.

                    Do you know a way to make that work?

                    References to the most useful links above are:
                            "You cannot use Synergy in "Start as Service" mode in Windows Vista because the new security model prevents system services from interacting with the desktop. You will have to launch the application as a regular startup item."
                            "How sessions work."