#5 Status export / remote access mechanism

Nuno Nunes

It would be most usefull to have something that allowed
me to synchronize the status of my feeds accross
multiple syndigator clients.
I would like to be reading news in the office and when
I got home to be able to fire up my other copy of
syndigator and have the status of the feeds just as
they where when I left the office and vice-versa.
This could be done in many ways and the two main
choices I propose are as follow:
1- FTP export/import of the status (it could be the
storable itself or a subset or even the XML in text
2- Drop the storable and use something like a database
(mysql?) to store the status of the feeds. This should
then be accessible to all my locations, but that is
just a detail.
Although not crytical, I gave it a "4" priority because
it is something that I was already used to have on
bottomfeeder and it really is very useful.


  • Bruno Tavares
    Bruno Tavares

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    Yeap.. that is very usefull.
    I am working on that, but it turns to be to different paradigms:
    1- Export/Import
    2- Storage methods

    I dont know when it will be ready but im currently
    devoloping the both of them in a "plugin" way.
    So when the engine/framework is ready it will be simple to
    add new methods of storage/import/export