#207 TrayIcon runs with 100%CPU usage

Mark Ellis

When I open the context menu of the trayIcon, the CPU usage of trayicon goes to maximum.
As long as the icon only appears in panel, everything is ok.
Nothing brings back normal CPU usage ( disconnecting the Mobile device, closing filemanager, closing status window) but everthing works fine.

My system Ubuntu 11.04.
WM5 device HTC-Charmer with last ROM from German Telekom
Synce packages installed from launchpad-ppa1 repos.
At first tried synce-hal package (which seems to come from ubuntu repos) -> didn't work
Then installed synce-connector insted -> worked
(maybe the installing instructions on synce.org for ubuntu with modern devices should be updated)
Then installed synce-trayicon, which uninstalled synce-connector and reinstalled synce-hal
Then installed synce-connector again and uninstalled synce-hal again (trayicon was still there)
Installed synce-gvfs (never install synce-gnomevfs from ubuntu repos with that, browsing would not work)
Installed synce-sync-engine
So everything workes fine (browsing device with FM, creating partnerships, looking status of device, trayicon appears and disapears, when connecting/disconnecting the device)
Bringing the mouse-cursor over the Icon shows a status summary ->CPU usage is ok
But opening the context menu with right mouse-button ->CPU usage goes to maximum and never commes back, whatever you do

Thank you for synce, very nice work.



  • charmingbear

    Hello , I tried the same on a different hardware with another mobile-phone (HTC Wizzard WM5).
    System is a fresh installed Ubuntu 11.04.
    Have the same effect.

    Thank you.