#8 Update components - SynEdit 2.0.1, TBX 2

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I'm searching for a text editor (code programming
editor) for a while, and tested some others (TextPad,
ConTEXT, NotesPad), and finally I found Syn.

Yesterday I decided to give it a change, and
downloaded. What can I say, it is great. Then I decided
to download the source code to start developing on it,
(I'm a Delphi developer for the last 8 years) ixing
bugs that I should find, updating its components and
also adding some new features. At first sight I have
some desires:

I intend to update / change:
- SynEdit to version 2.0.1 beta: so it should have
"Word Wrap"
- TB2K to TBX: so it should become visually better,
and replacing the TTBToolWindow for TTBXDockablePanel,
so I could put File Explorer, Workspace and Output
Window together.

I intend to add new features:
- Better handling of "Find in Files": adding a
"cancel" button, and a "status bar" for this task
(maybe for any other task that is being executed at the
command window area.
- Favorites: allow the user to set favorite files to
easily access it.
- Minimize to Tray: to be possible to put Syn at the
tray (it is not the same as SynTray, but similar to the
"Tray while no file open")
- Translate it to Portuguese (my native language)
- Add shortcuts: for some usefull functions like "Find
in Files", "Incremental Search", "Block Indent", "Block
Comment", etc.
- Add "Opened files" to SynTray: it presents the
active openned files, in a similar way that it does
with "Recent files"

What do you think about this? If you accept it, I
should have another friend to help me with this feature.

After 3 hours I could update Syn to compile with
SynEdit 2.0.1 and TBX 2.1. A few bugs where created
because of the typecasts of TBX, and others because of
the SynEdit new signatures in some functions, but it
should be Ok today, at night, when I will return in the
update process :)


Alessandro Fragnani