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syn v3.0.0.1 (preview) can be downloaded

I have uploaded v3.0.0.1. Changelog:

** Modifications **
- Output / "Jump to line" moves focus to editor window
- replace confirmation dialog updates scrollbars
- "Case sensitivity" and "Search from caret" are persistent between sessions

** Bugfixes **
- fixed $[ActiveDoc-] bug, thanks to Stefan
- fixed bug in GetAbsoluteFileName (removes last backslash)
- fixed bug "SuggestionPath does not work"
- fixed bug with AV at syn shutdown after opening OptionsDialog
- fixed bug with AV if Instant Translate Dialog is disabled
- fixed bug with splitter of bottom docking panel
- fixed bug #819953 "File attribute not set"
- fixed bug "Ctrl+Y does not work on last line"

Have fun,

Posted by Danail Traichev 2003-10-17