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VNC Viewer for Symbian / News: Recent posts

This is the end...

Yes, this project will be closing its door at the end of the month. The main reason is that Symbian has ported a VNC client to Symbian 9.1 using the new PIPS library (http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/oe/P.I.P.S.+Home). I would recommend all of you to install and try it. There are .SIS files for S60 and UIQ and it works better than my project : ).

The secondary reason is that I don't have enough time to mantain and upgrade the project, and it would need a lot of rework to compete against Symbian app.... read more

Posted by Lucas Gomez 2007-08-08

First Release!!

The first release of the project has just recently uploaded.

Please give me all the feedback you can : )

Posted by Lucas Gomez 2006-11-22