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Auto.registration and several devices

  • blacasa


    I'm using Symmetric DS 3.6.1.
    On the server side:
    The auto.registration is set to true.
    The engine.name is "master".
    The external_id is 000.
    The group.id is "master".
    The sync.url is "http://serverIp:8080/sync/master".
    The registration.url is empty.

    On client side (mobile device):
    the external_id is 001.
    The node group id is "slave".
    The registration url is "http://serverIp:8080/sync/master".

    Using a first device, the application try to register to the server, and receive a node_id: 001.
    Using a second device, the application register, and receive the same node_id: 001. And the first device can send data to the server database.

    If I set the auto-registration to false, and use the command line to register the second device, the node_id is different: 001-1. Both devices can send data to the server, the synchronization is ok.
    My problemn is only when I set auto.registration to true.

    I had the same behavior with a previous Symmetric DS version (3.5.13).

    I think that I forget to configure something somewhere, but I can't find it.
    Have you any idea to help me?