Can't install on Nokia N70

  • I am getting error message: Can't install. Insecure installer, when I try to install it in my N70. I have Symantac anti virus installed in my handset.

    Please let me know how to deal with it.

    I have taken the installer from:

    Quick replies will be greatly appreciated.



    • Kot

      Try going to:
      Menu -> Settings -> Application Manager -> Options -> Settings -> Software installation -> Yes (instead of only signed which probably you have selected).
      * I'm not using English UI so the names of menu items may differ a little bit ;).

    • Hello,you can download this version(S60 MMF 1.70)
      when you install it,may be displayed about
      this software may be not compatible...
      choose not and continue.
      U can download oggplay skin at my site
      my nick name is my site

    • Stuart Fisher
      Stuart Fisher

      Hi Symbian skin, Please could you post another thread in the Open Discussion forum telling people about your S60V3 skins. First time I've heard about anyone making them. This is big news! I'll add a link on the OggPlay homepage when I get the time. It would be good if we could get them packaged up properly so that people who don't have PCs can also use them.


  • G.A. Jackson
    G.A. Jackson

    Hi; sincerely hoping someone could give me a quick hand here -

    I recently picked up a new (to me, anyway) N70 Music Edition, and would love to get OggPlay installed & working on it.

    My problem is slightly different from the one mentioned above, but still figure it is better just kept to this one  thread.

    I go to and then from there to

    So I click to take me to where I choose the Release 1.71a MMF of Oggplay for S60 version.

    Download is quick/easy (I use no dl accelerator) on the .zip file, and I check the folder contents with IZArc before extracting - all the files are present & intact. Extract to desktop.

    When I go to install the fonts, the Ovi Suite says everything is OK on the laptop/desktop end. But when I go to finish the installation on the phone (I am installing via Bluetooth; I haven't found a data cable for it yet), I get the File Corrupted error message.

    I have tried dl'ing the file from different sources, onto different computers, but the end result is always the same - everything is fine until the phone confirmation step.

    Because the phone is 2nd-hand, I am not sure if OggPlay had ever been installed on it before. I do believe all my firmware, symbian, java, etc. are all installed & working properly; I have had no problems installing other games & applications so far.

    Any help from anyone stopping in would be greatly appreciated - it seems to be a nifty phone that will suit my purposes nicely for self, on-the-go music & car purposes.

    Warm regards from Brunei Darussalam,