Patch to support volume buttons on remote

  • Hi,

    I've implemented support for volume buttons on the remote control in the headphone cable for S60v3 phones like the N95 (these buttons are called "media keys" in Symbian jargon).

    Unfortunately the other buttons on the remote (play/pause, next, previous) don't get passed through to 3rd party apps.  However, according to these buttons do get through on the 3250 so if anyone has one of them and wants to test this let me know and I'll make another version for you.

    Also note that on the N95 this only responds to the volume buttons on the remote control, not the ones on the side of the phone (the ones that are also used to zoom the camera).

    The patch is at  I tested the S60v3 MMF version on a Nokia N95-1.  I didn't get the non-MMF version to build in the end although the patch does have some changes from when I was attempting to build it.

    Hopefully this can be integrated into a future version...


    • iutus

      This is great! I'm looking forward to see this implemented!

    • I have updated the patch at to support the keys on the side of the phone as well.  I've also uploaded a binary for people to test:; please let me know whether it works for you.  I recommend that you install it on a memory card, not on the phone memory, that way there is less chance of bricking your handset (I've seen some threads in these forums about infinite reboots when OggPlay is installed on the phone memory).


      • ozzzi

        Hi. Side buttons and remote buttons are working fine on Nokia N73. Thanks a lot. I wish I could be capable to write some codings to help you improve this software. There are many things to be added.


      • Nanuit

        The side volume buttons und on the remote (even on the bluetooth headset) does work on the N96.

        Great work.

        I can't await a version where the other buttons does work as well.

      • Nanuit

        Installing on my e71 i got a certificate Error. Could you pleas post the link to an actuall version of the install file?


    • joostjodel

      Salut Francis, great job. It works perfectly on my N82 (with FW 30.x.x). Both the keys on the side of the phone and the keys on the headset (type HS-43).
      Thanks a lot!

      I believe however that the finetune keys for volume (defaults 7 for down and 9 for up) don't do anything anymore.

      BTW: at first I thought the keylock key * stopped working but you have to manually set this key (again) in the menu Settings > Hotkeys.

    • Thanks for testing :-)

      The 7 and 9 keys do work for me.  They only work when an internal codec is being used.  I suspect that you are playing MP3 files and have the phone codec selected.  Please can you try choosing the Internal codec in Options->Settings->Codecs->mp3 and trying again.  Let me know if that fixes it.

    • joostjodel

      Hi Francis, your suggestion fixes the problem with the finetune volume keys. My setting was "mp3 read format", switched it to "internal" and it works. Again, thank you :).

    • mykola 76
      mykola 76

      Thank you! Good job! Working good on nokia n71! Super! But i'm not anderstand-why is not next release of oggplay??? Player is end? I'm waiting next version more 1 year!!! Talk me,please! Oh,sorry,bad english...

    • choffee

      Have these patched been added to the next release? I have been using this version for a while with no problems but have just wiped my phone so was wondering which version to download. This one or the 1.8 beta.

  • Hi Choffee,

    I've just checked CVS and it doesn't look like this patch has been applied, so if you need support for the volume buttons you'll have to use the SIS I linked to above instead of an official release.

    Unfortunately it looks like the official developers haven't worked on Oggplay for quite a while.


  • Hi Nanuit,

    This is probably a bit too late to be useful (I wasn't monitoring this thread), but what do you mean by "an actuall version of the install file"?

    Do other versions of OggPlay work on your E71?

    This version does need more capabilities which might be the cause of the certificate error, although I would expect it to fail on all phones instead of just some models if that were the case.

    Glad to hear it works on your N96 :-)