SYDI-Server 2.0 Released

SYDI-Server is a tool to help people create documentation for their Windows servers and clients. Information is gathered with WMI and with registry reads. It uses VBScript and produces output in MS-Word format or XML.

The biggest change for this version is the addition of the ss-xml2word.vbs script. The script enables you to convert an XML file from SYDI-Server to Word, it can also use a second XML containing your written documentation for a system. This way you can easily have an up to date documentation for your servers.

Changes from last version:
- Added ss-xml2word.vbs
- Added basic reporting for Internet Information Services (IIS)
- Added Language: Swedish (through ss-xml2word.vbs)
- Added members of local groups
- Added Sound Cards
- Added CD-ROM Drives
- Added Tape Drives
- Added Startup Commands
- Fixed CPU count for HT systems (thanks to Thomas from
- Added -D option which might be useful for reporting bugs
- Fixed issue with using -u and -p (thanks alexwoolsey)
- Fixed a bug related to storage
- Removed -o option from wrapper script (appeared in help but didn't exist, sorry :) )

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Patrick Ogenstad

Posted by Patrick Ogenstad 2006-06-26