SYDI-Server 1.6 Released

SYDI-Server is a tool to help people create documentation for their Windows servers and clients. Information is gathered with WMI and with registry reads. It uses VBScript and produces output in MS-Word format or XML.

The biggest change for this version the addition the sydi-overview.vbs script. The script (located in the tools folder) parses SYDI-Server xml files and presents an overview in an MS Excel document.

Changes from last version:
- Added sydi-overview.vbs
- Added Video Adapter (-wh, rfe: 1215478)
- Fixed reporting of TS role (patch 1192182 by Greg Fox)
- Changed the progress reporting so it is easier to debug
- Fixed a bug related to special characters when using sydi-transform

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As usual feedback is always welcome.

Patrick Ogenstad

Posted by Patrick Ogenstad 2005-08-29