SYDI-Server 1.5 Released

SYDI-Server is a tool to help people create documentation for their Windows servers and clients. Information is gathered with WMI and with registry reads. It uses VBScript and produces output in MS-Word format or XML.

The biggest change for this version the addition of non-msi installed applications also if used for inventory purposes the last logged on user should be quite good. Ive also fixed the FlexWiki support, please read the readme file for instructions on how to use this.

Changes from last version:
- Added running processes (-wP)
- Added Non-MSI programs (-ra, rfe: 1207891)
- Added last logged on user (-rl, rfe: 1179542)
- Added System Language
- Fixed FlexWiki support, see readme.txt removed -sf option
- Made patches appear in a table (in Word)
- Added descriptions to shares
- Warn & quit if not run from command line (patch 1208388 by Russel Phillips)
- Removed reference to patch Q14722
- Fixed a bug in SYDI-Transform.vbs (1176674)
- Fixed a bug in SYDI-Wrapper.vbs
- Fixed an issue when installdate was null for MSI apps
- Fixed some spelling errors

You can find the latest release here:

Home Page:

Project Page:

As usual feedback is always welcome.

Patrick Ogenstad

Posted by Patrick Ogenstad 2005-06-10