SYDI-Server 1.4 Released

SYDI-Server is a tool to help people create documentation for their Windows servers and clients. Information is gathered with WMI and with registry reads. It uses VBScript and produces output in MS-Word format or XML.

The biggest change for this version is the addition of a wrapper script which enables you to choose multiple hosts from a text file, Active Directory or NT Domain.

I also added IP routes which come from a WMI provider which was added in Windows XP. Previously I didnt want the script to se newer features but I added a version check before I use post Windows 2000 features. I will start looking closer at other XP and 2003 features which might be useful to have.

Changes from last version:
- Added Wrapper script to scan multiple computers (rfe:1032817)
- Added IP routes for XP and 2003 (-wi, rfe:1118972)
- Fixed a bug when targeting localhost as non admin user (1116292)
- Fixed a bug concerning document creation in word (1112733)

You can find the latest release here:

Home Page:

Project Page:

As usual feedback is always welcome.

Patrick Ogenstad

Posted by Patrick Ogenstad 2005-03-31