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Sydewynder / News: Recent posts

sydewynder-0.1.1 released

I added a Take Screenshot option (handy!) and a new sample application ("Round Robin") that shows how to send multiple messages to multiple recipient lists.

Posted by Mike Edwards 2007-10-30

sydewynder-0.1 released

Sydewynder is now in Beta! Lots of exciting new features make Sydewynder easier for educators to use in classrooms for developing mobile applications and games. An emulator has been added to ease off-phone development on any system with Python. The user interface on the phone has been vastly improved. WiFi has been enabled so that users can now write apps that retrieve and send information to the Internet with "server" phones that support this.

Posted by Mike Edwards 2007-10-28

sydewynder-0.0.5 released

A couple of Unicode issues were cleared up. Also a minor bug in the 8-ball sample was fixed.

Posted by Mike Edwards 2007-03-21

Submitted to freshmeat.net

Hopefully, a little publicity will help drive the development of the module forward. I'm very interested in getting bug reports for various phone services, particularly outside the US. And, of course, I'd love to know what people are doing with it.

Posted by Mike Edwards 2007-03-16

sydewynder-0.0.4 released

This release has a raft of bug fixes and two working sample apps, Pig Latin and Magic 8 Ball. In Pig Latin, users messages are converted to crude pig latin and sent back to them. In Magic 8 Ball, users SMSed questions are answered by a mysterious force hidden within your phone.

Posted by Mike Edwards 2007-03-14