SwitchMap 13.1 released

  • Pete Siemsen
    Pete Siemsen

    I just put version 13.1 on SourceForge. If you are running SwitchMap and you want to update to 13.1, put the new code into a separate directory, copy your old ThisSite.pm into the new directory, and then edit ThisSite.pm to add the definition of the @LocalSwitchTrunkPorts array.

    Changes include

    • Added the @LocalSwitchTrunkPorts array to ThisSite.pm. This provides
      a somewhat klunky work-around for people that have certain switches
      (i.e. Junipers and Cisco 3845s). These switches don't provide a
      way for SwitchMap to identify trunk (uplink) ports via SNMP. For
      these switches, SwitchMap produces web pages with long lists of MAC
      addresses on those ports, instead of "trunk port". If you have
      this problem, read the comment that accompanies
      @LocalSwitchTrunkPorts in ThisSite.default.pm.
    • Removed the "search networks" button, which was only meaningful
      at my site.
    • Uncommented and corrected some old code to support Foundry switches.
      Still needs work. Thanks to Andrew Struiksma for providing access
      to Foundry devices for testing.
    • In GetVlansOnPorts, added spaces after VLAN numbers on trunk ports,
      to allow long lists of VLANs on trunk ports to wrap when the
      window is resized.
    • Applied changes to improve support for HP switches. Thanks to
      Nancy Greenblatt and Jeremy Lunsford.
    • Fixed UpdateOuiCodes.pl to handle the changed format of the IEEE
      oui.txt file, and to be more resilient to such changes in the
    • Updated the oui.txt file with the latest version from the IEEE, and
      ran UpdateOuiCodes to update the OuiCodes.txt file.
    Last edit: Pete Siemsen 2014-02-06
  • Andrew

    Thanks for the update! The improvements are nice. The Trunk array is handy and my Foundry device types are now detected and displayed on the statistics page.

    I have one suggested improvement for the stats page, though. It would sure be useful if there were hyperlinks to the various switches.

  • Pete Siemsen
    Pete Siemsen

    Good idea, and not hard to implement. I'll try to get that into the next version.

  • Isendel Steel
    Isendel Steel

    Hi Pete - thanks for the continued development.

    Ignore previous post - user error.

    Last edit: Isendel Steel 2014-02-12
  • shawn

    FYI, there's a missing " on line 115 of ThisSite.pm after "xe-0/0/1

    Last edit: shawn 2014-03-05
  • Pete Siemsen
    Pete Siemsen

    Quite right, sorry about that. I'll fix it in the current code.