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swIMP 0.9.3 improves binary distribution and configur

swIMP 0.9.3 has just been released. It comes with the following improvements:

- The swIMP-wrappers are now separated in one shared library and one jar-file per supported solver. This minimizes the dependencies that are required for using swIMP if only certain solvers are actually needed.

- The binary distribution, of course, is also separated into several shared libraries and jar-files.
- The binary distribution also contains a shared library for the Osi-wrapper for GLPK. Only the shared library for GLPK has to be obtained separately.... read more

Posted by combean 2008-12-29

swIMP migrated to current Coin and GLPK versions

The new minor release v0.9.1 has been built and tested against the following recent versions of the Coin solvers and GLPK:

* CoinAll 1.0.0, which contains Clp 1.0.6, Cbc 2.0.0 and SYMPHONY 5.17.
* GLPK 4.29

Posted by combean 2008-07-27

swIMP-0.9 released. beta staged reached.

The swIMP-project, a Java-interface to LP-solvers and matrix/vector-classes of the Coin-OR-project, has released version 0.9. The code is mature and deemed beta-stage as all relevant functionality for the planned release 1.0 has been added. Check it out at http://swimp.sourceforge.net/ and have fun.

Posted by combean 2006-05-28

Support for MOSEK and GLPK added

The new release 0.1.1 now contains support for accessing the GLPK and the MOSEK solver through the Open Solver Interface (OSI). It would desirable to add CPLEX, XPRESS and SoPlex to this list. Support from somebody with a license for these packages would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by combean 2005-10-03