Hi, I'm new here and this is my 1st post, so no hard feelings if my question is really dumb.
SO my *.i file looks like this
%module(directors="1") mymod
 #include "rubywrapper_swig.h"
%feature("director") MyWorld::fun;
class MyWorld{
 virtual ~MyWorld();
 virtual void fun();
void myLoop(MyWorld* world);
for testing purpose, no real loops in myLoop:
void MyWorld::fun() {}
void myLoop(MyWorld* world) {
and testing script is pretty simple
require 'mymod'
include Mymod
class World < MyWorld
 def mainLogical
  puts 'testing...'
world = World.new
So, I expect a ''testing...' print rather than nothing, but I got nothing...
I'm using ruby 1.9.2, swigwin 2.0.2
please tell me what's wrong?