Yes. -Linkage works. It is capital L.  Thanks a lot for the help.

I think the doc needs to be updated. This is what I get when I try

swig -guile -help

Guile Options (available with -guile)
     -emitsetters            - Emit procedures-with-setters for variables
                               and structure slots.
     -emitslotaccessors      - Emit accessor methods for all GOOPS slots
     -exportprimitive        - Add the (export ...) code from scmstub into the
                               GOOPS file.
     -goopsprefix <prefix>   - Prepend <prefix> to all goops identifiers
     -linkage <lstyle>       - Use linkage protocol <lstyle> (default `simple')
                               Use `module' for native Guile module linking
                               (requires Guile >= 1.5.0).  Use `passive' for
                               passive linking (no C-level module-handling code),
                               `ltdlmod' for Guile's old dynamic module
                               convention (Guile <= 1.4), or `hobbit' for hobbit
     -onlysetters            - Don't emit traditional getter and setter
                               procedures for structure slots,
                               only emit procedures-with-setters.
     -package <name>         - Set the path of the module to <name>
                               (default NULL)
     -prefix <name>          - Use <name> as prefix [default "gswig_"]
     -procdoc <file>         - Output procedure documentation to <file>
     -procdocformat <format> - Output procedure documentation in <format>;
                               one of `guile-1.4', `plain', `texinfo'
     -proxy                  - Export GOOPS class definitions
     -primsuffix <suffix>    - Name appended to primitive module when exporting
                               GOOPS classes. (default = "primitive")
     -scmstub                - Output Scheme file with module declaration and
                               exports; only with `passive' and `simple' linkage
     -useclassprefix         - Prepend the class name to all goops identifiers

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 5:32 PM, William S Fulton <> wrote:
On 21/09/13 11:22, William S Fulton wrote:
On 19/09/13 21:57, Aravind Ceyardass wrote:

In swig 2.0.11, linkage option for guile doesn't seem to work.

swig -v -I/usr/include/cairo/ -guile -linkage module cairo.i
Language subdirectory: guile
Search paths:
:6: Error: Unable to find 'inkage'

If I don't give -linkage module it works.

Any help will be appreciated.

Please file this as a bug. I'm afraid that I can't think of any workaround.

Actually, looks like -Linkage should work.