1. Some small error and formatting fixes, like escaping some chars in JavaDoc, fixing overloaded methods in PyDoc and some additional newlines to make output nicer.
  2. Some small technical fixes, got rid of bison reduce/reduce conflicts, fixed all 'unused argument' compiler warnings.
  3. Added two command line switches, -debug-doxygen-parser and -debug-doxygen-translator, that provide lots of diagnostic information.
  4. Enhanced Doxygen docs, now it has some usage examples for both Java and Python and also an explanation of how every Doxygen tag is translated.
Next week:
  1. Highest priority - get rid of 'Syntax error's on incorrect files, fix issues number 1 and 3.
  2. Still fix errors and bugs. Work on the current issues.
  3. Enhance test suite, still needs more real-world examples.
  4. Maybe do some things from the 'Optional functionality' plan section.
Open issues:
  1. Comment parsing still works not very good. li_boost_shared_ptr_bits is broken by my changes.
  2. Attaching comments to the vars and constants in python is unsupported right now.
  3. Currently doxygen comments with no node to attach seem to fail the swig with 'syntax error'. And fixing that is not so trivial.
  4. Current tokenizer in doxygen parser seems to be not very practical. It strips all the whitespaces, and in some cases it's not possible to recover them all. And also it stores all the parsed words, which doubles the memory. So, maybe it needs to be replaced with something else some time. For example, we could just find all the '\' and '@' in text string and just store their locations, not the whole words. And work directly with the comment string.

Dmitry Kabak