After 3 years of "no enhancement" I'm pleased to announce a new release of the mds-utils library (general purpose utilities for C++ and Python developers). The library contains useful C++ code for developing Python extensions through Boost.Python but also through SWIG or the simple C API.

At present mds-utils contains:
  1. a tool for detecting machine endianity.
  2. some useful classes that allow to treat the old C FILE pointer as a C++ stream.
  3. C++ classes that help on treating Python file objects as C++ streams.
  4. simple utilities for indexing support in Python extensions.
  5. new C++ to-Python and from-Python converters for some Boost uBlas objects.
  6. a new sequence iterator that is able to wrap Python sequences and allows also to modify them. This feature does not depend on Boost.Python and can be effectively used with SWIG (look at the usage example).
  7. new from/to Python conversion utilities that do not depend on Boost.Python.

Furthermore, the new release has been tested with Python 2.7.3 too, while the previous one had some issues with Python >= 2.5.

Best regards to all.

Michele De Stefano
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mds-utils: a general purpose Open Source library