In the case that I am using a base class that is a template, but I do not want to wrap that template base class, the SWIG docs say to do something like the following:

%template() traits<double,double>;

which it calls empty template instantiation.

This is exactly what I was looking for, but using this gives me 2 warnings:

Warning 401: Base class 'SimTK::ArrayView_< SimTK::DecorativeGeometry >' has no name as it is an empty template instantiated with '%template()'. Ignored.
Warning 401: The %template directive must be written before 'SimTK::ArrayView_< SimTK::DecorativeGeometry >' is used as a base class and be declared with a name.

The reason I wanted to use template() in the first place was to get rid of warnings. So am I doing something, or is the warning being generated for an expected use-case?