Wow, It looks awesome :-)

We've started to use swig in KiCad project (wX based) for scripting integration (scripting -> kicad and kicad -> scripting), we're currently doing it for Python only, but we don't want to be closed on a single language (whenever it's possible), in fact, we liked the Javascript idea, but we had no mature swig module.

So I'll watch your project closely, as it's very interesting to us.


2012/4/30 Oliver Buchtala <>
Hi folks,

Last week I have started a small side-project accompanying Neha's GSoC project.
I want interested people to participate.

From the project description:

Embrajs provides a means to setup a hybrid C++-JS application easily. The currently evolving SWIG javascript module is used to create bindings for JSC and extend a wxWidgets based browser widget with WebKit backend.

You find two projects on my github account: : here are changes that need some review and which I want to commit to the wxWidgets project. They extend the current browser widget with WebInspector support, and introduce an JSC extension mechanism. : This is basically a small wxWidgets app that shall provide some more convenience regarding the needs for hybrid standalone apps.
I have added the `simple` example together with semi-automatically generated bindings using Ashish's current module prototype. The project is proof-of-concept - nothing more ;)

Currently I managed to extend the GTK version of the wxWidget only. Though, there is an OSX version, too. Unfortunately I am green here. You could be helpful by lending me a hand or and giving me advice.

Moreover I could need your discussion about the introduced, though, still humble security mechanism: JSC extensions are only applied to context's for URLs that have been defined by the programmer (prefix based).

And of course: everybody is invited to develop toy hybrid apps and discuss everything. This would bring us interesting feedback for the GSoC project :)
Thank you very much.


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