I'm trying to wrap a C++ structure definition:

struct myStructure
        unsigned int  myInt; 
        unsigned char   myChar;
        unsigned short * myShorts;  

        myStructure( void )
        { myShorts= NULL; }

I need to have full access to the "unsigned short * myShorts" content, but Swig simply wraps it as a "SWIGTYPE_p_unsigned_short", so I cannot access to the array.
Has anyone an idea about how to avoid this problem?

I've read the documentation; I've tried to use  %include "typemaps.i", %include "arrays_csharp.i", "%apply unsigned short[] {unsigned short*};", but I'm probably doing something wrong. Any help will be appreciated!!

I'm using Swig 2.0 and the target language is C#.