Hi, I'm new to swig programming, sorry to bother with probably obvius question..

 I can't find correct documentation to handle this simple case in octave wrapper:

%module test

%inline %{
#include <stdio.h>

class Test{
  char *test_string;
  Test (char *p)
  { test_string = p; }
  void print_string()
  { printf("%s\n",test_string); }

--------[ compiled with: ]------------
swig-1.3 -octave -c++ -o test_wrap.cc test.i
mkoctfile3.2 -o test.oct test_wrap.cc

octave:1> test
octave:2> p = Test("foo")

  Test, ptr = 0x8f22338
  print_string (method)

octave:3> p.print_string()

If I set variable to public I can use the wrapper accessor function.
How can I handle it with my own constructor?

Thanks in advance,