I have the following interface file:

%module "myclasswrap"

%include "../../../java.i"

%include "../../../../myclass.hpp"
%template(myClass) mynamespace::myclass<double>;

Swig generates 4 files: myClass.java, myclasswrap.java, myclasswrapJNI.java and myclass_wrap.cxx.

The java.i file includes some special typemaps, so the return values of the myclass_wrap.cxx are passed to
the myClass.java.. The JNI file stores all JNI static calls, in short:

myClass.java => myclasswrapJNI.java => myclass_wrap.cxx
This structure works fine.

Swig creates also a class with the name "myclasswrap.java", the class gets the same name like the parameter of
%model but it is an empty class:
class myclasswrap {}

How can I disable the creation of this class?