Hi, I'm trying to pass data via a local variable between two type maps that are always in a certain order. the argument for the typemap that passes the data is always directly preceding the argument for typemap that receives the data. Also there's only aver one such pair of arguments in any function. I'm having a problem in that the position of the first of this pair of arguments varies, and thus the name of the local variable changes (ie local1, local2, etc).

How in swig can I say $argnum-1 ??
Or could I disable the appending of the $argnum to the local variable name ??

typemap (in) (T1) (int local) {
   local = ....
   $1 = ...

typemap (in) (T2) {
  $1 = ...

I want these to apply to the following c++ functions:

int blah(T1 v1, T2 v2);
int blas(int a, T1 v1, T2 v2);