Op 07-03-13 23:42, William S Fulton schreef:

Additionally, I note that the guilescm test suite is in much better shape than the guile test suite. The former uses Guile's scm api, while the latter uses the gh api. With guile 1.8 the gh api has been deprecated. In guile 2 it has been completely removed. Again, like support for guile 1.6, I have no intention to revive the gh api test suite. Given its future, I perceive this as a waste of time.

Looking into the details of the test suites for both api's, it turns out that the guilescm test suite is actually heavily dependent on the guile test suite. The difference is only in one config parameter and some tweaks to load scripts from a different directory. Since gh is deprecated, it would make more sense to me that the test suite in guile uses the scm api and that the gh tests are run from a dependent guilegh directory. That way the directories would reflect the preference of api better. It would also be easier to fully drop support for guilegh at some point. Only the guilegh directory would have to be removed.
Are you ok with me rearranging this directory structure ? Obviously I will have to take care not to regress the suites while doing so.

If guile 1.6 is no longer being maintained, then I reckon it is okay to drop support for it. It just needs to be clearly documented.

The last guile 1.6 release is 1.6.8. This release was over 6 years ago. The guile's home page doesn't mention 1.6 anymore. That's a good sign this is no longer maintained :)

Where is something like this documented ? I'm pretty new in the swig world so I prefer to ask a lot beforehand...

Feel free to remove the guile-scm test-suite and converge on just one guile test-suite using scm if you think that is best. Although it sounds like you can keep gh supported for the time being.

It is indeed my intention to keep gh around for now. I don't plan to fix its test suite though. It will continue to work as it is now, with the same known broken test cases. When guile drops support for version 1.8, that's probably a good time to drop support for gh in swig as well.

How is the guilegh directory going to work in the test-suite. Will it be setup in the same way that guile and guile-scm are at the moment?

Exactly the same.

I'm very keen that the Makefiles in the test-suite are near identical to all the other target languages for maintainability by those who don't have the first clue about guile.

That will be the case. It's mainly a swap of functionality between guile and guilescm and then rename guilescm to guilegh (simplified explanation). The Makefiles will be almost exactly as they are now.