With the new year we have switched SWIG development to a new development model - Git on Github. The old Subversion history (including the even older CVS history) has been migrated and is now viewable in Github - https://github.com/swig/swigIf you have used SWIG we would really appreciate improvements you have made for incorporation into the mainline SWIG releases. So, feel free to use Github to fork and send your pull requests or patches.

Improvements to the documentation are also very welcome - the docs can be found at https://github.com/swig/swig/tree/master/Doc/Manual .

Information for getting going is on the SWIG website: http://www.swig.org/svn.html

We have also turned on the new SourceForge Allura system which is much slicker than the old SourceForge for submitting bugs/patches - https://sourceforge.net/projects/swig/ .

Happy new year!