Before we commit to github I thought I'd throw the cat amongst the pigeons :)

as anyone looked at the new Allura based SourceForge?
From what I can see Sourceforge Allura contains a lot of what github has, that is, web front end for git including forking, role based permissions, markdown (new/improved) integrated bug tracker including markdown, pastebin/gist wikis etc.

Github is only focused around code development and we can't move completely off SF because Github doesn't attempt to offer all the project hosting services, in particular, mailing lists and (Windows) binary file downloads. I'm not sure if Git has a general news RSS feed, but SF does. Perhaps it is better to keep all this on one site?

If we use Github, we clearly need to still use SF for some services. Probably the SF bug tracker will be better to have it with the VCS, ie on Github.

Mostly I'd like to use the tool that attracts further involvement in SWIG
Github seems to have a lot of gravity now and is more mature for 'social coding' which Allura seems to be aping, Allura has some better web diff support though - side by side diffs.

Sourceforge is opensource and Github is not so that is one interesting and favourable factor for SF.

Anyway if anyone has any strong feelings now would be the time to speak up before we start using git.