On 1/19/2012 8:10 AM, Alberto Simões wrote:
Right, but how do I access to the elements in the std::list? It seems
there aren't any method for that implemented neither in the .pm file
with the bindings, nor in the C++ wrapper :-/ I expected at least one
way to access elements by position, or to pop elements...

Ah, I see.  You're right, I don't see any generated interface that allows you to get/set individual elements in Perl.  They may be there, but they are non-obvious.  In Python (where I have more expertise), your interface file generates functions that provide for push/pop and direct access of elements in the list:
class ListWord(_object):
    def push_back(self, *args): return _swigtest.ListWord_push_back(self, *args)
    def pop_back(self): return _swigtest.ListWord_pop_back(self)
    def __delitem__(self, *args): return _swigtest.ListWord___delitem__(self, *args)
    def __getitem__(self, *args): return _swigtest.ListWord___getitem__(self, *args)
    def __setitem__(self, *args): return _swigtest.ListWord___setitem__(self, *args)

I see no equivalent accessors for the Perl code for array[] access or push/pop functionality.  Somebody better versed in the Perl side of SWIG might need to provide clarification.

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