Hello David:

It worked ! Thanks a lot for taking out your valuable time to help me !


On Fri, 20 Jun 2014 17:48:47 +0530 wrote
>Quoting santosh tanaji patil (2014-06-20 13:59:29)

> Hello David:


> Thanks for your valuable time in looking into the problem. If you closely see

> the "void updateInt (CNInt32& var)" function, it is going to return me the

> updated integer value from my C++ code.

> This code is just a sample code and in my (rather somebody else's) original

> code, C++ code might be doing some number crunching and then update the value.

Sorry, I didn't sse that. I think you should use typemaps.i, see:


Something like this:

%include typemaps.i

%apply int& INOUT { CNInt32& var };

And then:

var = 5

var = exampleObj.updateInt(var)


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