Hello I am actually trying to write a wrapper to an Open Access C++ API function using SWIG. I need help in writing the wrapper for a single file oaDesign.h in which I have taken part of the code. class OA_DESIGN_DLL_API oaDesignAttrType : public oaAttrType { public: oaDesignAttrType(oaDesignAttrTypeEnum valueIn); oaDesignAttrType(const oaString &name); oaDesignAttrType(oaAttrType attr); virtual const oaString &getName() const {return names[value];} oaDesignAttrTypeEnum getValue() const {return (oaDesignAttrTypeEnum) value;} private: static const oaString names[]; }; I have tried but it is showing error oaDesignDB.i:7: Error: Syntax error in input(1) May be swig does not about OA_DESIGN_DLL_API. I have to include enum oaDesignAttrTypeEnum { oacLibNameDesignAttrType = 0, oacCellNameDesignAttrType = 1, oacViewNameDesignAttrType = 2, oacCellTypeDesignAttrType = 3, oacLastSavedTimeDesignAttrType = 4 }; Please help me how to write wrapper for both the things Thanks

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