Hello, I have a question that I am sure has an easy answer, but I don’t know what it is.  I have a class in C++ called path, this class does not have a constructor from std::string in C++.  The class is not in a library I can modify.  I have extended the class in Ruby to have a constructor from std::string:


%extend path{

  // constructor from std::string

  path(const std::string& s){

    path *p;

    p = new path(toPath(s));

    return p;




I also created a function that takes a const reference to a path:


void funcOnlyTakesAPath(const path& p);


I can call this function like:


p = Path.new("./here")



However, I cannot call this function like:




How can I get SWIG to allow implicit conversion of std::string to path?


Thanks a lot,