#323 SVG export not reliable



Here are two thing breaking the app :

1) Svg export is not reliable (empty files, broken one...)
2) printing on paper makes the plan to be tiny. Should readjust it to fit 80-90% of the paper. + The pdf exporter should enable people to choose which page they want, not having to multiply the steps toward printing in the normal print menu

It really lacks. Don't you try your software ?



  • Of course, I try the software! Posting a test case would be more useful that posting such an upsetting question. :-(

    If the plan on the paper is too tiny, choose an other scale in the Page setup dialog box.

  • LeHibou

    1) For the example : just make a simple plan and try to export it in svg :
    it will succeed but you just cannot do anything with it (many software
    won't even read it)

    2) As the scale is concerned : I did that, but you just don't have a fast
    method to have the plan taking all the space of the paper. The trial and
    error is not an answer.

    I apologize if I look upsetting, I just feedback my opinion with no
    hypocrisia. And I think I don't lack of tact when I say a feature is
    lacking. Don't take it personal, you already made a good work.



  • SVG format is supported by most browsers and free software like Inkscape. If you need a bitmap image of the plan you can copy items from the plan and paste them in a drawing or word processing software (miserably this might not work under Linux due to a bug in Java).

    If you want a scale that will make the plan fit the paper size, select "Best fit scale" in print setup dialog box.