#265 Export to OBJ format... not working

barry harless

I have been saving walls with textures on them to OBJ files. But now that does not work. The OBJ file saved is a big file that is junk and also it makes copies of my JPG (texture) files with a new name to them.


  • What make you think OBJ data is some junk, and what is the problem to rename texture files? The main question is: can you import this OBJ file in Sweet Home 3D, Blender, Art of Illusion, or other software that supports this file format?

  • barry harless
    barry harless

    Why I call the OBJ file junk is to compair the Box_transp_ruby.obj (a good file) to my junk.obj: (wall with no texture)
    1] junk.obj will not load
    2] junk.obj is a "142.3 meg" file = Box_transp_ruby.obj is only a "933 byte" file.
    3]Using GEDIT text editor: junk.obj is 2,582,611 lines long = Box_trans_ruby.obj is only 51 lines long.
    3] The first 8 lines of Box_trans_ruby.obj is 1] #, 2] Generated by Sweet Home 3D - Sun Jun 07 19:34:28 CEST2009, 3] #http://www.sweethome3d.eu/, 4] #, 5] mtllib Box.mtl, 6] g piece_1_Cube_1_1, 7] usemtl shadownt, 8] v434.0 0.0 302.0
    4] The first 3 lines of junk.obj is 1] c, 2] v1018.8714 0.0 160.48679, 3] 1027.7102 0.0 151.64795, and so-on.
    4] Renaming jpg files goes like this.. Before saving a obj file I have: 15-376.jpg, ledge-stone.jpg, sand.jpg. ** after save junk as obj file, I have: 15-376.jpg, junk15-376.jpg, ledge-stone.jpg, junkledge-stone.jpg, sand.jpg, junksand.jpg "in my texture collection folder"
    5] I have no other software that uses obj. files

  • I just tried again and could export without problems to OB format.
    By the way, comparing the size and the first lines of two files with the same extension can be a good way to check their validity, but not always!
    I won't be able to go further without a real file. Please compress your sh3d file and send it to me at puybaret@users.sourceforge.net, so I can test it.